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Do Police use psychics to help solve crimes?21-10-2011

If you ask the police if they have been assisted in solving a crime by a psychic medium they will not admit or deny it, their response is usually “we welcome any information from the public who might be able to assist in solving crimes.” This is a standard response but there is no denying that police officers have pursued leads, often in high publicity cases, that have arisen from information gained through a psychic.

Studies show that over 50 major police forces in the USA have used psychics, and in the UK 28 police forces admitted to using psychics.

A leading psychic medium, who has worked for several UK police forces, advised that the victim quite often comes to them from the spirit world and would lead them to the name of the person involved in the crime. This enables them to successfully pin point exact details.

Psychics receive messages from the victim and other people who are deceased, they are given information on the crime itself, places, people, etc, and this information is then passed onto the police. The police will follow this information up; in some cases they are taken directly to the scene of the crime and could find a murder weapon. This is a highly valuable way of solving a case.

It can be very frustrating for the psychic that their information will never be publicly acknowledged by the police. However, there are some cases in which the help of a psychic has come to the public’s attention, but unfortunately more often than not the media portrayal of fake psychics and con people are publicised over the real influential and crime solving psychics that police work with.