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Is your pet psychic?22-11-2011

Many myths portray animals with sixth senses that can communicate with a spiritual realm in a way us mere mortals cannot. However, many psychic mediums believe there is truth in the tale that animals are psychic.

The most psychic animals are thought to be cats, dogs and horses. Animals thought to be psychic in the wild include dolphins, who have been medically proven to predict pregnancies – even when the person them self doesn’t know they are pregnant! The way you can tell if your pet is psychic is simple.

·         Does he/she anticipate your arrival and go and sit by the front door before you have even arrived at your house?

·         Does he/she stare intently into the room into what you think is an empty space?

·         Does he/she bark or meow before a thunderstorm, or pace up and down the room impatiently for no reason?

Any of the above could mean that your pet is psychic, able to see things we cannot – unless you’re psychic yourself! Pets are thought to be able to anticipate events before they happen, and many are thought to be far more intelligent then we give them credit for.

Some psychics visit pets to gain a more in-depth knowledge of what the pet is thinking. If your pet has been behaving strangely, many pet psychics can communicate with them to find out why. This can be an enlightening, interesting experience for you, the psychic and indeed your pet – who may have a few things to get off their chest!