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Psychic Terminology11-01-2012

There are many words that describe a psychic but what do they all mean? Here are a few examples:

 A Clairaudient is a person who can receive messages from the spirit world in many different forms.

It might be through thought or voices where they can hear what the spirits are saying during a psychic reading. Some say that we all possess these senses; when we lose a close relative we might receive a message in a dream or smell their scent. It is just that most of us are not tuned into these sounds and voices so don’t always realise what they might mean.

 For many people the word “Aura” means a colourful radiance that surrounds human beings, for scientists it is an energy field surrounding all living creatures. But psychics say that an Aura around us lets off different subtle colours and each colour has a different meaning.

Crystal Healing is used to relieve pain and stresses, it works by placing various crystals and minerals on various parts of the body; this is called the “chakras” which means spiritual energy. Teachers of crystal healing say there are seven areas of energy on the body which each have a different colour. By placing the crystals on the body they are said to correct the flow of energy and bring a balance and cleanse the person from bad or negative energy. Crystal can even be worn as Jewellery for Good Luck or Good Health!

The I-Ching is one of the world’s oldest oracles going back more than 5000 years; legend says it was devised by the first Emperor of China. It works as part of a numerological system with even numbers as Yin and  odd numbers as Yang. Tossing 3 identical coins or objects six times and recording the patterns they form will answer your questions from the Book of Changes.