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2012 Predictions06-02-2012

With the New Year already upon us and January over, here are some of the predictions for this coming year that have been forecast by many psychics and psychic reading clairvoyants across the world.

The main prediction which everyone may have heard is that 2012 will see the end of the world, which is a prediction made by Mayan people, because their calendar does not go any further than 21st December 2012.

However, this prediction can be interpreted in many ways. Some believe that it will only be the end of the society as we know it following the recent financial worries that the world has been encountering. This could mean that a large change is on the horizon, this could even be a good change.

Others believe that 2012 will signal a natural and physical event which may come in the form of an earthquake, tsunami or other natural disaster.  This is a way for Mother Earth to be reborn. This may happen across the world or just in one country.


However, one psychic reader said, “Let me reassure those who are living in fear that 2012 signifies the end of the world; your fears are simply unfounded.”

There are many other psychics that are also against the Mayan prediction of the world coming to its end on 21st December 2012. For example, Pattie Canova says that there is “no written text, code, or notation that 2012 is a year for anything in particular or specific.”

For many people, 2012 might seem like a key year or it may just pass you by with nothing noticeable occurring. Whatever your opinion, many psychics believe that 2012 will hold some historic events.