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(18+). The cost of a 20 minute reading is £32.95 with each additional minute charged at the rate of £1.50. International callers will be charged in British Pounds.

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Calls cost £1.50/min plus your phone company’s access charge, calls recorded, for entertainment only 18+. Customer care 0207 111 6443.

Psychic Angel Readings

The Angels are all around us. Though mostly unseen they walk beside us every day.

Invite The Angels into your life, and see the transformations and blessings these Celestial beings bring to you. We can ask these beautiful beings of light to help and guide us, whenever we are in need. The Angels act as messengers, they will always wait to for us to call upon them, before they manifest into our daily lives. There is no magic formula; all you need to do is ask. The Angels are spiritual messengers; they come into our lives to offer help: All you need to do is invite them into your life. Simply choose an Angel from the list below. Silently or quietly whisper the name of the Angel who rules the day; ask for help with your problem. Thank the Angel and believe that help or a solution will soon be on the way to you.
An Archangel rules each day of the week:

  • The Archangel Michael rules Sunday
  • The Archangel Gabriel rules Monday
  • The Archangel Samuel rules Tuesday
  • The Archangel Raphael rules Wednesday
  • The Archangel Sachiel rules Thursday
  • The Archangel Anael rules Friday
  • The Archangel Cassiel rules Saturday

The Angels always answer our call for help. Though sometimes, especially when we are worried, upset, stressed or when we are very busy, we may fail to notice their presence. Please remember that sometimes Angels appear in human form, no wings, just people with very big hearts who are sent to help us when we need help most.

Ask For Proof

Many people find that white feathers or coloured globes appear as a sign that their Angel has answered them, sometimes you may start to see the word “Angel” jumping out at you from newspapers and magazines or hear about Angels on the television or radio, trust me you will see the signs once you start to look.

Psychic Angel Readings

Angel readings give you an opportunity to receive personal messages and guidance; you can ask questions relating to any area of your life. If you have lost your way in a relationship or are facing an emotional crisis of any kind the Angels will provide helpful and personal messages, which are important to you during your Angel reading.

During an Angel reading, messages and guidance will be received from your guardian Angels and spirit guides, through the intuitive psychic senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and through using divination tools such as Angel oracle cards, your Angel reader will be able to give messages to you from your guardian Angels and the Archangels, also if you wish, your reader will show you how to connect to your own Angel guides.

Whilst our readers are all psychically gifted not all use Angel cards. Some work as natural clairvoyant mediums others are psychic tarot readers with highly attuned intuition, all work in harmony with their own spirit guides. All our readers have a unique way of helping you make sense of you future, ensuring that your reading will be as individual as you are.

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