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Power For Living

The wearing of your Birth Stone, Power Stone, Zodiac Stone and Power Colours will help to increase your own personal magnetism by increasing your body’s energy field, which is known as the Aura. The Aura is a distinctive atmosphere or quality associated with someone or something usually an invisible force surrounding every living creature.

This energy can be seen by some special people usually those who have tuned their psychic abilities to a higer frequency and they will see the Aura in colour form.The colours of our Aura can attract or repel people and in some instances determin how successful and happy our lives are as they also attract and repel good and bad luck. There is a form of astrology known as astral cartography where an astrologer can draw up a birth chart and working from this determine the best, happiest and most sucessful place for you to live on Earth.

As not many of us can afford to relocate in this way I believe that by carrying specific gemstones and crystals we can achieve success by altering and enhancing our Aura to a positive vibrancy that will allow us to achieve our goals wherever we live.Following the information on these pages should give you a sound working knowledge that will enable you to improve your life by combining the positive energy of your birth stone with your power colours and zodiac stones.

As an example we will work with someone born under the sign of Leo, this person feels drained emotionally and mentally. Their working life is made miserable by one person whose sole purpose for living seems to be that of making our Leo friends life a misery and no matter how hard they try Leo cannot find alternative suitable employment. Leo is also suffering with nightmares,( the most horrific kind filled with vampires, blood and gore) and is losing her optimism and self confidence.

My recommendations would be firstly for Leo to obtain a piece of Tiger Eye and a piece of clear Quartz Crystal: Tiger Eye being her Zodiac stone and Clear Quartz as her Power Stone in place of Diamonds because of their affordability. Both crystals should be carried by Leo at all times especially in the workplace as they will protect her from the hostile actions of her work colleague. Leo will also need the protection of Rubies (which happily she borrowed from her friend in the form of earrings) .

I would also recommed Leo to wear her Power Colour of Purple. Leo told me that she had her first good nights sleep in months and was stunned by the feelings of safety and security that she felt since wearing the Ruby earrings. She had worn a purple silk scarf to work and felt positve and radiant, something she had not felt in a long time.The aggressive person at work had been moved to another department and Leo had been promoted all within two months!

My overview was that the person at work was a “psychic vampire”someone who intentionally or not was draining Leos energy, the vampire nightmares were Leos psychic senses warning her of what was happening through her subconscious.The Ruby earrings acted as a protective barrier and the nighmares stopped. Leos self confidence was given a boost by the Tiger Eye and Quartz crystal that allowed her capabilities to shine through at work by strengthening herAura and by attracting more positive energy ( from wearing her Power Colour of purple) brought forth in the form of her promotion.

As you can see there are no hard and fast rules as to which crystals, power stones, zodiac stones or colours you choose, you do not have to use the ones listed under your sign, if a crystal from another sign “speaks” to you or the particular properties relate to a problem you are experiencing then pick it up and carry it as its energies will have attracted you for a reason. Your Birth Stones, Zodiac Stones, Power Stones, Power Colours and Healing Crystals are intended as a starter point for your journey into this magical realm, I would expect you to adapt and change these mediums as you progress along this pathway.

Crystal healing is the belief that crystals contain energies and properties that are able to improve our health by transmitting on a healing frequency, an energy system that connects to the bodies own energy fields, known as chakras, that can then retune the meridian system and in so doing promote healing and improve well-being The earliest records of crystal healing dates back to ancient Egypt as the Ebers Papyrus lists the medicinal uses of many different gemstones. Healing with crystals has also been recorded in India, through the Ayurvedic records and crystals have played a major role in traditional Chinese medicine for around five thousand years.

If you are unsure of which healing crystal to choose for a specific ailment, regardless of your zodiac sign or if you are looking for a stone to help someone other than yourself opt for clear quartz as this stone will help with all conditions.

Not all stones and crystals are suitable for essences, some may carry toxins so if in doubt play safe and use a clear quartz crystal.

You will need to cleanse your crystal on a regular basis by holding it under running water and then placing it in the moonlight preferably during a full moon to re-charge.