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Relationships Readings

Angel Wishing Moon relationship readers are experienced and gifted. Whichever reader you choose will understand your problems, and they will with the help of spirit give you genuine answers to your questions.

I am not going to patronise you or insult your integrity by droning on about the proís and conís, doís and doníts or the upís and downís of relationships. If you are reading this you will probably be well aware of the minefields and emotional tidal waves that arise from trying to keep a partner happy.

I am going to give you what I believe is the most powerful advantage to creating harmony in your love life: Magic and a Magic Mirror.

If you are single and are looking to attract your soul mate please look up the information on our "attract your soul mate" page.

Should you be looking for a way to improve your existing relationship, please read on:

Are you aware that the most powerful element needed to ensure that a relationship thrives is: self Ė belief? Most breakdowns are underpinned by a lack of self Ė belief, where one of you feels that you cannot live without the other person in your life. So the first lesson you must learn is to believe in yourself, you must really believe that whatever life throws at you, you will have the strength to overcome all eventualities.

The first step that you need to make is to gain knowledge. Read all the spell information on this website and our sister site. Donít just skim through the information; use it in your everyday life. Use it and live it.

Empowering You & Your Magic Mirror

You will need the following:

Obtain a small mirror, one that will easily fit into your handbag and one that you will use everyday.
Gather a quantity of Lavender or Sunflower petals or in wintertime you might like to choose Mistletoe and Holly.
Sea Salt
Two Blue candles
You will also need two items, (love tokens) one for you to carry daily the other to give to your partner to carry
daily. Wedding rings are perfect to use, failing that buy two key rings.

The Magic mirror casting must be performed on a Full Moon Monday.

At a quiet time of day place the candles next to each other on a solid surface. Sprinkle the Sea Salt around the candles to form a large circle. Place the Lavender (Sunflower petals or Mistletoe and Holly) to the right of the candles. Place your mirror in front of the candles. Place your love tokens to the left of the candles.

Light the candles
Then repeat the following nine times:
Lady of the Moon send me your strength
Lady of the Moon surround me with love
Lady when I call upon you, I know that you will hear me
Lady I know my wish has been granted
Pick up your Magic Mirror, look at your reflection. Say: I am strong and I believe in myself.
Pick up your love tokens, say: I fill these items with the energy of love.
Allow the candles to burn out

Dig a small hole in the earth as close to a tree as possible. Place your candle remains, salt and lavender into the hole. Whisper thank you to the elementals of the trees and to Mother Nature for helping you with your casting.

In the future every time that you use your magic mirror, (maybe when you are putting on your lippy) look at your reflection, know that you will always have the strength to face everything that life throws at you. Use your magic mirror to call upon the Lady of the Moon whenever you have need. If a problem arises in your life, hold your magic mirror and call on the lady of the Moon for help. Think of it as your "Cosmic order", help will come.

Try out your love token.

Before any serious problems arise in your relationship try out your love token. Hold it in your left hand and psychically tell your partner to phone or text you NOW! Be firm with your request, if you are standing by your microwave pop a cup of water in, turn on, hold your love token in your left hand and ask your loved one to contact you. I find that when I have done this the response I get is double quick!

Like everything else in life, practise makes perfect so if at first you donít get the success you were hoping for try again.

Should a problem arise in your relationship, hold your love token in your left hand whilst thinking of your partner. Send them your love, they will pick up on the vibrations that you are sending to them and you will find that whatever the problem was between you, it will become easier to sort out.

Wishing you a lifetime of joy


Never feel that you are facing lifeís problems alone, our relationship readers are empathic and sensitive people, who will, listen, understand, support you and tell you the truth, so that you will be able to get your life back on track.