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Attract Your Soul Mate

Soul Mates

I believe deep down everyone has a secret desire to meet their Soul Mate. That one very special person who we can share our lives with in perfect harmony. Over the years I have tried various attraction spells and after much success decided to share with you this easy to follow "male order" enchantment.

(To all you lovely gentlemen out there, although some of the spells are written in the feminine sense just change the wording into the masculine)

To Attract your Soul Mate

Every Friday night be it only when the moon is full, light two candles One of Pink and one of Blue.
Light both candles
Circle the candles with a ring of salt.
As you pour the salt say:

It be not the salt I turn to fire
But the heart of the man I Desire

I call thee to my side Soul Mate mine

It be not the salt I turn to fire
But the heart of the man I Desire

Sit in front of the candles and on white paper with green ink write down and state quite clearly now the attributes that your soul mate should possess.

I.E. Is he tall, dark, fair, age, occupation, their likes such as taste in music, films, animal lover etc. The reason for this is that “like attracts like” and as your soul mate is ultimately the other half of you then by sending out your personality to the cosmos, that is to say your own unique positive energy will aid the fates into bringing your soul mate into being. Think of this chant as a little echo vibrating around the universe, calling your soul mate to your side.

Once you have finished writing say the chant once more.

Allow the candles to burn out, then before you clear the candles and the salt away say the chant for a third time. Fold up your paper "Smale order" and sleep with this under your pillow. You may perform the spell again at the next full moon but remember for the full potency of the spell it must be performed on a Full moon Friday.