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Zodiac Stones

The following information is based upon my own views of astrological, crystal, gemstone and planetary elements. I have chosen what I believe to be the most powerful stones in relation to each zodiac sign. By following the guidelines in the charts for your birth sign it is hoped that you will achieve increased personal magnetism that will attract success, good fortune, money, improved health and love into your life.

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Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces



RUBY known as the stone of love and passion is said to attract ones soulmate and reputed to bring true lasting love into the life of the wearer. Deep red is the colour of the power stone for Aries although there are many shades to choose from varying from pink, crimson and orange red .It is an excellent protective stone especially in instances of psychic attack. Aids stamina and strengthens the immune system.


IMPERIAL TOPAZ: The name “Imperial Topaz” is thought to have originated in 19th century Russia where the deep pink topaz was reserved for the family of the Czars. Topaz comes in many shades such as yellow, orange, purple and blue colours that are often reflected in the sunset of a beautiful day. Deep Pink Imperial Topaz is a rare and highly magical stone for those born under the sign of Aries to wear as it carries a kind of

Midas touch energy and is reputed to bring great good fortune to the owner. Topaz of all shades will stimulate the first three charkas and will attune psychic awareness and intuition bringing clear thought patterns and aiding calm rational speech, improving memory and data recall. An excellent choice to wear in job interviews/exams or any business related situation.



Ranges in shade from pink to deep red and emits happy, blissful energies it is a truly lovely stone to carry as its uplifting energies are a real tonic especially to those who suffer from lack of sunshine during the dark winter months. Rhodochrosite is also believed to bring relief to ear and sinus infections, inflammations, headaches, migraines and ulcers. Rhodochrosite may be made into a crystal essence to be taken orally or used to bathe the inflamed areas.


Fill a drinking glass with mineral water. Add the stone and leave in the moonlight for one hour. Place the essence in the fridge overnight. Take small sips of the essence throughout the day or use to bathe the inflamed area as often as practicable. Use the essence within twenty-four hours, discard any remaining essence and make up a fresh batch when requires. Note; Left over essence can be used to rejuvenate plants and flowers.


White Marble is the stone to carry should you feel in need of extra emotional strength especially when dealing with children and adolescents or if you feel out of you depth with a situation, person or problem. It is a true guardian and helper to those who are born under the sign of Aries. The protective properties of White Marble will also help guard against and relieve emotional stress and trauma.


Apache Tear is a member of the obsidian family its colours range from black, black/clear, smokey, violet, green and mahogany and is usually a smooth spherical shape. In its smokey smooth pebble like form Obsidian is perfect to use as a psychic conductor especially when placed on the centre forehead to open the third eye during meditation to aid the senses of second sight and can also be used as a gazing stone that will intensify the images of future events through the art of scrying. It is a long held belief that wearing Apache Tear Obsidian will bring protection to its owner in times of danger and is a perfect crystal to have if you are feeling oppressed or intimidated by another person’s persona. The wearing or carrying of obsidian is said to bring comfort in times of grief also helps to combat depression and curbs impulsive behaviour.

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