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Zodiac Stones

The following information is based upon my own views of astrological, crystal, gemstone and planetary elements. I have chosen what I believe to be the most powerful stones in relation to each zodiac sign. By following the guidelines in the charts for your birth sign it is hoped that you will achieve increased personal magnetism that will attract success, good fortune, money, improved health and love into your life.

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Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces



Diamonds are said to grant your hearts desires and bring good luck and abundance. Diamonds are thought to promote loyalty, integrity, faithfulness and constancy that is the reason why Diamonds are often chosen as settings for engagement rings. Diamonds are comparable to clear Quartz Crystal in regards to emitting white light or pure energy and are a powerful medium for the third eye to pick up on during meditation that can increase or heighten intuition, psychic visions and astral travel.


TIGER EYE is a brown stone, which is interlaced and often banded with gold. The Tiger Eye stone serves as a symbol of the status Leos feel they deserve, and so Tiger Eye will help them to reaffirm their own self worth. Promotes creative vision, strengthens willpower and boosts confidence. Tiger Eye brings protection to the wearer from all negative factors and can aid concentration by gently grounding the flamboyant impulsive nature of this noble but easily bored sign. Tiger Eye can also be used in the treatment of the eyes, throat, spine and reproductive system and can help to quicken the healing process of broken bones.

PERIDOT is a lovely soft coloured moss green crystal, not quite as crisp and luxurious as the Emerald that has a fiery upbeat energy, the Peridot pertains more to the mysterious and spiritual side of our human nature and does indeed nurture our sixth sense and our maternal instincts by building on our inner feelings of self worth. Leo is the only sign where I have listed two zodiac stones because both are equally powerful for the Leo.

Peridot is widely known as the birthstone for August but because of it’s powerful energies I have also chosen Peridot as the Zodiac stone for all who are born under this sign. I find that the Peridot transmits female energy, whilst the Tiger Eye is more masculine. In the work area people both male and female who find themselves in stressful situations such as the fast paced industry of the stock exchange or those who work with finances or those who work constantly with a pc will probably find Tiger Eye an excellent crystal to carry whereas Peridot is a stone of integrity and as a healing medium should be carried by all who work in the healing and caring professions.


AMETHYST is a powerful psychic stone. Used in meditation, divination, dowsing and all levels of spirituality. Amethyst is also used to protect the owner from psychic attack and known as the stone of truth does indeed change colour should someone not be telling the truth. It may be used in the treatment of hearing disorders, the nervous system, insomnia, headaches, digestion and stomach complaints.

SUNSTONE the golden inclusions of this beautiful stone mirror the regal characteristics of this sign. Sunstone promotes and nurtures the passionate, generous, loyal and loving Leo nature and also tempers this signs tendency to become overly dominant. The Sunstone encourages independence, originality, artistic expression and the development of mental and manual dexterity. Reputed to attract love and long lasting relationships into the wearers life. A perfect stone for the family and children as it is a gatherer of people and friendship. Used in the treatment of ulcers, cartilage problems, sprains, rheumatism and ailments of the feet it is a friend to all who enjoy sports and athletics, as it will boost energy levels, stamina and vitality.

TURQUOISE known as THE MASTER HEALER is needed to quieten the spirit of this volatile sign, Leos have a tendency to be slightly intolerant and impatient and therefore can become overly stressed, which can lead the workaholic Leo to suffer with stomach and back problems. Leos will benefit greatly by wearing Turquoise and Quartz crystal, when Quartz and Turquoise are worn together they will amplify the healing properties of all other stones.

Turquoise acts to induce wisdom, understanding, trust, and kindness qualities that are needed to calm the spontaneous side of the lion especially in their romantic lives where lions tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves and consequently suffer for their rash actions. If you are unsure of which healing crystal to choose for a specific ailment, regardless of your zodiac sign or if you are looking for a stone to help someone other than yourself opt for Turquoise the master healer, as this stone will help with all conditions.

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