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(18+). The cost of a 20 minute reading is £32.95 with each additional minute charged at the rate of £1.50. International callers will be charged in British Pounds.

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Calls cost £1.50/min plus your phone company’s access charge, calls recorded, for entertainment only 18+. Customer care 0207 111 6443.

Fortune Telling & Future Tellers

Angel Wishing Moon has a friendly team of fortune tellers who have unique experience in telling peopleís fortune.

Our fortune teller readers have a range of gifts to help them give you a reading. For example, some use tarot cards to help them during the fortune telling reading. Each card represents something different and can be interpreted with the fortune tellerís exceptional powers and extra sensory abilities.

Another technique which may be used during your fortune telling reading might be clairvoyance. This is the ability to see scenes in the future or people, a rare gift which gives great insight. Palmistry and crystal ball reading are other techniques our fortune tellers might draw upon to aide their reading to you.

Many different people come to Angel Wishing Moon for a fortune telling reading with different kinds of questions and concerns. Our fortune teller readers will be sure to give you the personalised and confidential reading that you need.

Some people wish to find out about their future career or job prospects. This is a common line of enquiry heard by our fortune tellers since the recession, where people have become more concerned with their financial situations.

Other questions which are asked to our fortune tellers includes matters of the heart, worries over finding a soul mate and questions about marriage and children. Human beings have always been curious about their love and relationship destinies. As social beings, humans need the reassurance that they will one day find their true love and not be on their own. This is why it is a common subject in fortune telling readings and should you wish to approach this subject with your reader, we can offer you an insightful reading that focuses on this aspect of your life.

You can choose to have a fortune reading at any point in your life when you are curious about certain aspects of your future. You should come to the reading prepared to ask questions and be open minded about what you might hear.

Contact Angel Wishing Moon today to experience this unique reading and find out what your future holds. Our friendly fortune tellers are ready to take your call.